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Join the movement. Move your body. Tone it up.

Nutritional plan and community to help you live your most confident life.




‘Karma’ literally translating to ‘action’ or ‘doing’ – is the foundation on which Karmic Max Burn has formed. Founded in 2019, we have helped train 100+ individuals across the world, empowering them to lead happier, healthier, and more confident lives.


Far from being just another gym, we are a revolution in the field of fitness looking after your wellbeing from a holistic point of view, training you to strengthen yourself in every realm – mental, physical, and spiritual.

We firmly believe that the future lies in this strength. The future lies in you. 


Our vision is to introduce a fitness revolution in India built on science, technology, and technique that transforms the country into a tough, dynamic ecosystem.


Our mission is to develop Karmic Max Burn as the best fitness platform fully equipped with the technical knowhow that guides aspirants through their fight to vigor and struggle to progress, to rise like phoenixes from the ashes that burnt them down.





I am Ashutosh dayma, the Owner and co-founder of karmic Max burn, a qualified personal trainer & nutritionist for five years now. I did my training from the National fitness and nutrition academy (NFNA), and in this duration, have already worked with more than 100 clients, providing a range of fitness training schemes tailored to suit their needs.


I first gained an interest in fitness when I saw my dad losing 120 kgs in a year, going from 195kgs to 75kgs. This transformation in front of my eyes boosted my confidence to pursue this as career even though my educational background of law eventually had no connection to this in any manner. A more personal incident that really pushed me to pursue fitness as a full-time career was the fact that I had to miss my Kabaddi Finals because of injuries I got due to lack of proper training. My interest quickly developed into a passion and I have been dedicated to understanding the most effective and efficient way to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat through training and nutrition ever since.


This career path was an obvious choice for me as I have a natural ability to coach and motivate people to trust and understand my methods, leading to amazing results. Along with the skills I have developed to be able to design effective goa-specific training programs, I also have the knack of identifying drawbacks in the current lifestyle and nutritional plan that most clients are on. This helps me correct them in a way that is both easy to understand and manageable within their current needs and circumstances.


I am Ekta Vijayan, the Owner & co-founder of Karmic Max Burn, a practicing lawyer, and a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist from the National Fitness and Nutrition Academy (NFNA), for five years now. I entered the line of fitness after spending years trying to be desperately lose weight and feel good about myself. Having been on every diet under the sun, I have been through the game of weight fluctuation, finally moving to the achievement side of my goals one at a time. Now that I am on this side though, I want to use my skills, experience and own journey to help ease others on theirs.


A basketball player in school and college, I was inclined towards fitness from the beginning where I was made to work on my strength and endurance power. Additionally, being a military brat, I have had the influence of fit and trained uniform men and women around me, strengthening my infatuation towards health and wellness.


As a practicing lawyer, I understand that work and life can be hectic and it’s often tough to find the time to work out. I’ve been there myself, and I’ve made every excuse to avoid it, but this helps me understand my clients better and use my experience to design programs that are manageable, enjoyable and proven to work, despite those schedules.